“With new opportunities awaiting, I am excited to be part of this migration into the digital financial ecosystems of the future."

- Your Crypto Tax Practitioner, Tertius du Plessis

In today's economic climate, we as South Africans are facing a wide range of financial challenges and therefore need to make sure that we receive multiple streams of income monthly. By taking the necessary steps and implementing strategies, you will have more peace of mind when it comes to your expenses at the end of each month as well as the way you are living.

Providing you with the necessary Consultation and Crypto Tax advice, you can go open minded into the 4th Industrial Revolution. By walking a journey with you, we will advice and assist you in taking the necessary steps into gaining that freedom you desire. This freedom refers to workings from anywhere in the world, freedom to choose how you would like to spend your day, having more freedom to spend time with your family and loved ones.

Not only this, but the financial world is changing rapidly and it is of great importance to make sure you are ahead and onboard with these changes. Something that seems irrelevant to you today, can have a big impact on your life tomorrow.


Start taking control of you and your families future! Get in touch and start making the changes.



  • We will assist you to be Crypto Tax Compliant.
  • The Gold, Silver & Crypto Freedom Team will show you how to achieve Time, Location and Financial Freedom.
  • We will train and educate you to create wealth with CRYPTO.
  • We will guide you in securing a personal portfolio of income generating assets.
  • We will show you how to own the precious metals GOLD and SILVER - 1gram at a time.
  • We will expose you to the potential of earning foreign income in the form of $US and €uro.
  • We will help you to SAVE your ASS’ets.


1) By showing you what we do with the opportunities available in the current Crypto and ForeX trading environments.

2) By assessing your risk appetite and exposing you to appropriate projects.

3) By assisting you to transfer your fiat currency safely into your own secure blockchain wallets.

4) By exposing you to multiple potential income streams - some being passive.

5) By assisting you to create a diversified portfolio across different store-of-value asset classes.

6) By assisting you to implement a contingency plan to protect your buying power in the face of the looming hyperinflation economy.

7) By assisting you in Tax Submissions.


A common notion is that: “Greed will kill you, but that fear too, will keep one away.” We aim to alleviate your understandable fears and doubts by exposing various opportunities for what they are, thereby allowing you to make informed decisions going forward post Covid-19.

In summary, our objective is to generate wealth within the CRYPTOcurrency economy. This wealth is earned and spent as €URO and $US.
We Save in GOLD and SILVER and by so doing we assist individuals to SAVE their ASS’ets.


Our Gold, Silver & Crypto Freedom team currently hosts a suite of 9 independent income generating asset projects, generating both active and passive income streams:


1) SignalsPartner - Crypto Trading Platform.

2) CryptoBotPartner - Crypto Trader.

3) FXBotPartner - ForeX Trader.

4) FXPartner - ForeX Trader.

5) GoldPartner - Cryptonised Gold.

6) SilverPartner - Cryptonised Silver.

7) WealthPartner - WealthProtection & TaxPlanning.

8) NetworkPartner - Grow your fiat currency business.

9) TrainingPartner - Ongoing education and Communications.