1. “But what about IncomeTax?"

2. "Let's set the scene"

#CryptoTaxpert Q & A

1. What is SARS's take on CryptoCurrencies?

2. How is CryptoCurrency treated for tax purposes?

3. Is Crypto Mining activities taxable?

4. Are payments received, for services rendered, in Crypto, part of Taxable Income?

5. Does CryptoCurrency paid by an Employer, as remuneration for services, constitute salaries/wages for employment tax purposes?

6. Will SARS penalties apply on CryptoTransactions?

7. What would be considered as acceptable proof of purchase and sale prices?

8. Can the purchase price be either the price paid on date of purchase or the average of the year?

9. How is SARS going to trace CryptoCurrency transactions?

10. Does CryptoCurrency taxation apply retrospectively and are penalties to be imposed for non-compliance?

Bonus FX:"What tools are being developed to increase the usability of crypto currencies in every day life?"

11. Are the expenses incurred in cryptocurrency trading, tax deductible or not?

12. Why is CryptoCurrency Taxable?

13. How do i declare cryptocurrency trading on my Provisional Tax return (IRP6)?

14. How and where on the ITR12 form do i declare my CryptoCurrency income?